Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Organic Gardening Pesticide

One of the things that differentiates growing vegetables organically from non-organic gardening is the use of chemicals in the maintenance of the garden.  Organic gardening pesticide differs from regular pesticides.  Organic pesticides are made from plant or animal materials, while non-organic pesticide is made from minerals.  Some organic gardeners prefer to make their own, other prefer to buy their own organic gardening pesticide.

There are several method one can go about to make their own pesticide.  Making these involve using some kind of organic matter.  These can be derived from things like tobacco, chilies, or even other bugs!  Most gardeners who make their own do it simply because they do not trust the corporations who may skimp on the recipe.  Organic gardeners are very proud gardeners.

Most of the man made pesticides are approved by the EPA, and are specifically made for growing vegetables organically.  If you are looking at pesticides and trying to figure out if it is organic gardening approved, check for the EPA seal of approval.  If you do not see it, you can also can also see what ingredients are in the pesticide to determine if it is organic or not.  This is another article I have written on organic gardening pesticide.

The topic of pesticide is an area where many organic gardeners draw hard-and-fast lines.  If you are new to organic gardening and need more information, two books that I recommend are My Organic Food Garden, and Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual. A recommended book for Organic Gardening Pesticide is Organic Pest Control Secrets:  Get Rid of Pests Without Chemicals. 

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